gorging and running

the past result:

  1. walk/jog – yes
  2. pushup/bodyweight exercises – 1/2
  3. laundry – yes
  4. cleaning – no
  5. eat healthy??!? or not alot – no
  6. relax it’s Sunday -yes, also monday yes but that’s bad

verdict: i’m no longer a vegetable, but i eat like a panda…all day long

weight: 194.8lbs (guess that’s an improvement, but maybe i just pooped)

step count:

2/19 – 5841 (forgot to carry my phone while meandering a couple laps)

2/20 – 5109 (less steps but felt like a better workout…might’ve been the 30+ pushups)


Del taco chicken rollers, first-time taiwanese instant beef noodles, free starbucks gouda cheese and bacon slider, pho, new york style pizza…it’s been 2 days of non-stop gorging while frantically trying and failing to counter it was some half-hearted jogging/walking and a few pushups.

the new plan: 

  1. walk/jog/pushups/bodyweight exercises
  2. be a good worker (bleh)
  3. no degen no degen no degen
  4. can’t possibly eat more, so eating less is the only option?
  5. try to drop a couple pounds before my nephew’s 1st…
  6. be more social?

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