the past result:

Whatever I have done in the past is terrible. Lack of diet control, lack of exercise control, degenning like a madman, hardly working instead of working hard, half-truths and sophistries. This all needs to end

verdict: less than a pound away from utter depravity

weight: right under 200 lbs…I have been that bad indeed.

step count:


2017.02.28 – 9500+ steps. A good day. Also 40 pushups.


If I don’t commit to a better diet and better management of myself, this will be a terrible year.

the new plan: 

  1. 3miles of jogging/walking 3 times a week
  2. work on increasing my daily pushup count (minimum 25 a day, hopefully minimum of 50 per day once I can get there)
  3. stay on top of work
  4. don’t degen
  5. make the moneys

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