two days does not a kingdom build

the past result:

Another semi-decent day in terms of my amateur attempts to work out and stuff.

verdict: the frantic overcompensating prior to crisis.

weight: 197 (-2.?) did I actually burn some calories or just take a massive dump?

step count:

2017.03.01 – 10407 steps. 10k+ steps as often as I can sounds like a decent starting objective.

2017.02.28 – 9500+ steps. A good day. Also 40 pushups.

other count:

2017.03.01 – 55 pushups. 50+ pushups a day is it possible?

2017.02.28 – 40 pushups.


2017.03.01 – mini chicken veggie bowl w/ white rice from flame broiler for lunch; mooshu pork and some szechuan garlic chicken w/ rice for dinner. Didn’t eat enough for lunch, ate too much for dinner. 9/10ths of a can of squirt…need to drink non-caloric drinks…or just water.


Rome wasn’t build in a day…or 2 days…I don’t want to be Rome, just a skinny fat guy weighing under 175lbs.

the new plan: 

  1. 3miles of jogging/walking 3 times a week (plus 10k+ steps)
  2. work on increasing my daily pushup count (minimum 50 a day)
  3. stay on top of work (close the deal and make moneyzzz)
  4. don’t degen (uh-oh vegas this weekend…)
  5. make the moneys (see above)

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